Public speaking skills | Public speaking skills
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Anexas is a consulting organization based in Denmark with wide presence in India and offices in UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Canada. Anexas group comprises of Anexas Denmark in Europe, Anexas FZE in UAE, Anexas Consultancy Pvt ltd in India and Anexas Consulting in Middle East.


Public speaking skills

Public speaking skills


Have a fear of public speaking? Need to know how to make a presentation? With our public speaking tips and effective communication skills program, you’ll be a pro in no time! 

Public speaking is communicating information to an audience. Public speaking can happen in a classroom, in the workplace and public places. Public speaking does involve speaking aloud, but it is also about using your critical thinking, listening and non-verbal communications skills to get your message across too. 

  • Understanding speech 
  • Characteristics of good public speech 
  • Overcoming your fear of public speaking and developing great delivery 
  • Preparing your speech 
  • Creating a purpose statement 
  • Present with your body 
  • Identifying and adapting to the audience 

Great public speakers aren't just born that way, they work at it. While natural talent and confidence can play a big part, so much more goes into being a great public speaker. Once you learn those techniques, it becomes far easier

Effective public speaking skills can help with career advancement, as they indicate creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism, qualities which are very valuable for the job market. Speaking at events and conferences is a good way of building credibility. Public speaking can also help you stand out at work. You'll learn to speak up in meetings, to promote your ideas, and to present yourself as a professional. Speaking skills can also help you excel in job interviews.

Yes, personal coaching, mentorship and individual role plays are facilitated post training completion for interested participants.

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